Clone A Willy - copy your penis

Buy this as a gift for your partner
or give this special gift away and let someone else clone his willy! Clone your Willy!


Clone A Willy
With the Clone-A-Willy Kit you easily create a lifelike copy of your penis. If you like, you can even turn it into a lifelike vibrator. The required vibrating element is included in the kit. There are different kits available.

The materials for creating this dildo are all safe, non-toxic and hypoallergic. So it isn't any danger or irritating for your penis!

The Clone-A-Willy Kit includes the following instructions.
1) Put your penis in the molding gel.
2) Let it stay in there for 60 - 90 seconds.
3) Remove your penis and fill up the model.
4) After some drying you have a new lifelike dildo.

The kit is suitable for a complete replica of your penis and is suitable for every size and shape penis.


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From P. Calderoni
"My girlfriends gave me a Clone A Willy Chocolate as a birthday present. A very pleasant gift! I like chocolate and I like my boyfriend ;-)"

From A. Cole
"I went on a holiday with some friends and my girlfriend had to stay home alone. I ordered a Clone A Willy so my girlfriend can enjoy me even when I'm not with her!"

From J. Sliwa
"I want to thank Clone A Willy very much for this nice and unique present!"

From R. Smith
"Super! Now I have a lifelike copy of my friends penis. I didn't think it would get so real."

Clone A Willy Chocolate

Clone A Willy Chocolate
Clone your penis into a chocolate version, with this Clone A Willy chocolate kit. Every women likes chocolate. Let her eat this penis! Not vibrating.

€ 22.99 info
Clone A Willy Candle

Clone A Willy Candle
With this Clone A Willy Candle kit you can make a candle copy of your penis. Light it up on a special evening! Not vibrating.

€ 19.99 info
Clone A Willy Glow In The Dark

Clone A Willy Glow In The Dark
This Clone A Willy will glow in the dark. Make a glow in the dark vibrator copy of your penis. Designed for dark bedrooms! Batteries not included.

€ 44.95 info
Clone A Willy Brown

Clone A Willy Brown
Do you want clone your nice black dick? This Clone A Willy Brown will come in handy! Make a brown copy of your penis.

€ 39.95 info
Clone a Willy Pink

Clone a Willy Pink
Same as the original, however, in the color pink.

€ 33.99 info
Clone a Willy Plaster

Clone a Willy Plaster
Make a plaster copy of your penis with the Clone A Willy Plaster kit. Your statue will stand like a Greek god. Not vibrating.

€ 19.99 info
Clone A Pussy

Clone A Pussy
We didn't forget the women. With the Clone A Pussy kit you can make a realistic copy of your pussy. The most charming gift you can imagine.

€ 20.99 info
Liquid Rubber Refill

Liquid Rubber Refill
When something went wrong while filling of the mold with liquid rubber, you can use this liquid rubber refill. This rubber has the same color as the Clone A Willy Original. Mix both components very good and use up all the ingredients for the best result.

€ 19.99 info
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